Our Services & capabilities 



  • State of the art Thermal Platesetter using “Green” technology
  • High End Colour Management System
  • Gracol 7 Compliant
  • Proof to Press Calibrated Proof Matching
  • Kodak Approval Proofing System
  • Global Vision Optical Recognition System
  • Secure direct internet access and electronic file transfer network  


  • 6 & 7 Color offset printer with in line coating
  • Conventional, UV and hybrid inks
  • Various types of specialized coatings applied in line



  • Flat bed die-cutting (blanker), creasing, embossing, waste stripping and blank separation.
  • Folder-gluers with inline quality control equipment such as a sensor for glue line detection and bar code readers for lot identification.

Total Quality Assurance

  • Treatment centre for dust, static, contaminants, waste removal and sheet realignment control
  • Fully documented and highly monitored
  • Verification of all incoming materials
  • Approval before, during and at the end of every production run
  • 100% verification covering:
Bar codes, Colors, Varnishes, Scuffing & ink adhesion tests, Registration, Exact count
  • Zero default and zero delay philosophy